Friday, December 23, 2011

Episode 10: A Short? Episode?

In this episode, Sandy & Jade thought they would do end up doing a short show without Espana, but instead discover they can talk just as much!

Come & give a listen!

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Part 1: Geek On

Geek Girl Crafts Podcast has reached Double Digits! YAAAY!!!

Sandy has been doing a LOT of reading lately. She really liked the following books:


Sandy's been watching:
  • Leverage,
  • Castle,
  • Dr Who 11th doctor
  • Anime:
    • Hunter x Hunter 2011,
    • Sora no Woto,
    • GoLion
For anime fans, check out

Part II: Geeky Crafting


Jade is working on:
  • Hiker’s Waistcoat in the round
  • Finished a pair of socks for her nephew
  • long tail socking cap
  • scarves on the knitting machine (still)

Sandy is working on:
  •  crocheted snowflakes, boiling starch and pinning it out.
    A GREAT site for all things “snowflake”:
  • repairing a commercial scarf for a friend. The yarn is metallic yarn (and unpleasant! Sandy, however, has a better description for them in the show)

Jade: Finally got back to spinning on Frank, and she has about 4 oz done.

Jade: Spent time with her SIL working on beads over the Thanksgiving Holidays

For those who listened to the ENTIRE show, you can learn more about THAT song on this website and buy their albums! You can get THAT song for absolutely free, but Jade highly recommends getting BOTH albums, esp. if you're a fan of THAT writer, or just like QUIRKY Holiday music. (Copyright to THAT song belongs to its creators, HPLHS, Inc.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Episode 9: LosCon for the Holidays

In this episode, we give a LosCon report, then we talk about DIY holiday gifts and what we're working on during the holidays.

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Part 1: Geek Out

For the first half of the show, we give a wrap-up of LosCon along with our "live" recording at the convention.

Part 2: Craft Geeking

Holiday DIY

The holidays are coming up, and while this section might be a little late, hopefully, it’ll give you some ideas for the upcoming season for simple DIY gifts.

Tea Liqueurs
Jade makes easy tea liqueurs which involve:
  1. bottle of decent, but relatively cheap vodka
  2. favorite black tea (Earl Grey, Irish Breakfast, etc). Green tea or Jasmin works well.
  3. Put the tea into to the vodka. 
  4. let it sit for 2 weeks
  5. Decant into sterile bottles
  6. Give to friends!
Infused Oils
Infused oils -- get virgin olive oil from Costco and garlic, rosemary, or thyme...along with sterile clean bottles. Let the oil sit for 1 month.

Both Jade & Sandy bake cookies for friends

Sandy: I make loads of cookies, and Craftster just sent out a recipe for peppermint bark that I think I’ll add to my repertoire.
Knitted Gifts
Hats are quick easy gifts to churn out, esp. in worsted or bulky weight yarn.


Sandy made a gothic Christmas tree out of tinsel. Pics and instructions on her public livejournal entry:

Pointy Sticks & Crooked Hooks:

  • Jade -- has a case of start-itis
    • Started a vest (Hiker’s Waistcoat), which is a button down vest, using her handspun from TDF 2011.
    • A pair of socks for my nephew’s birthday, which had to rip parts out several times over because she can’t count, and he has small feet. (US 2 Children)
    • Finished her daybreak before Turkey day! Needs to be blocked.
    • Started a very long tail hat using the knitting machine and am just knitting now in the round to finish off the hat part.

Make it Sew:

The only sewing Jade's done is to make a modesty panel for her red silk corset.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Episode 8: Hugos

In this episode, we mostly geek out in an interview with Chris Garcia, who won the Hugo award for the best fanzine at WorldCon 2011. Then we hit up the craft section briefly with our upcoming projects.

Come & give a listen!

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Geeking Out
For this episode , Jade & España ventured off into the wilds of Mountain View, and met up with our local Hugo award winner, Chris, and his lovely & talented girlfriend, Linda, at a quaint little place, Kapp’s Pizza Bar & Grill. We interviewed him regarding his winning the Hugo for "The Drink Tank" -- the Best Fanzine at this year’s World Science Fiction convention in Reno.

Christopher J. Garcia, is a fan writer and hyper-prolific fan editor of multiple zines including Journey Planet, Exhibition Hall, Claims Department and the Drink Tank.

See Chris win the Hugo (

Geeky Crafting

Linda knitting during Chris' interview

Pointy Sticks & Crooked Hooks
  • Jade
    • Everybody Knows Sweatter (Knitty 2008) -- Jade finished the body, but doesn't have enough for the sleeves. She's spun one ounce of Frank for sleeve yardage
    • Machine Knitting -- Cascade 220. (See LJ for notes)
  • Sandy
    • Spent the Veteran’s Day weekend powering down on the Afghans for Afgans knit. She finished the entire body and wrote up the pattern, then cast on for the sleeves.
Make it Sew
  • taking apart a cartridge pleated skirt to make a bigger waistband. Cartridge pleating pleats a lot of fabric along a seam w/o bulk. You create the pleats, then you whipstitch the gathered edge of your pleated fabric to a finished waistband or seam (
  • Hemmed a 1930s dress for the Bal de Vampyre so that she could dance in it w/o catching the hem of my skirt
Espana: hemmed up a dress, which she is counting as sewing.

Espana -- Art; Fan Art for John Coxon’s Procrastinations #9 out now and Chris Garcia’s Drink Tank #300 coming out soon. Working on something for upcoming Holmes issue of Journey Planet. Prepping and printing for Loscon. Belated new issue of Yipe is up, after some technical issues, next month is the cocktail issue.

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Episode 7: Boobies!

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Part I: Geeky Stuff

Administrative Stuff:

  • There's an explicit tag for this podcast, as we talk about the female anatomy in art.
  • Also, please let us know about the audio quality. We're trying to make improvements, as we record over Skype.


Book Stack:

  • Sandy:  
    • Tiassa (Vlad Taltos) Highly recommended for continuing fans of the Taltos series.
    • Leviathan --- A steampunk world set on the brink of our history’s World War I, with an england that’s figured out genetic modification to an extent that they have bizarre crossbred animals bred for war and industry. On the other side of the sea, Germany has incredibly large and complex machines, especially big walker-style robots.
  • España; One Con Glory --- Movie/comic ready account of a geek girl and her adventures at a SDCC style convention. Highly recommended for any con-goer & fan (The author's website:

Topic du Jour:

The girls do a short dive into the topic: Why do Women in video games, comic books, or SF/F art always seem to wear very little armor?

This topic is pretty vast and there are a lot of nuances. The girls talk about why this is and how it's much as they can within 30 minutes....

Blogs from Women Artists & Gamers about the subject:

An excellent art site filled with women in reasonable armor

A photograph of male version of some of the female "pointless" armor as an example (NSFW!!!)


Part II: Crafty Section

Pointy Sticks & Crooked Hooks

  • Sandy:

    • Apres Surf hoodie.
    • Still working on the Afghans for Afghans. She had a problem with gauge & tension from working in the round to flat knitting (afghans For Afghans main site. The current drive is asking for mainly sweaters, also vests, mittens, socks, hats, and blankets, in wool or animal fibers ONLY, due date January 2012.)
  • Jade:

    • Everybody knows, from Knitty 2008 -- using Frank handspun from TDF 2011. She might need to spin up more of Frank.
    • Stephen West's Daybreak. Using Cascade Venezia Sport in Copper & Cobalt blue
    • Gift for a friend using handspun Targhee in the Malificent colorway from Abstract Fibers.
    • She finally got the knitting machine over to the store for replacement parts (the sponge). Now, she just needs to get it back in order to start the Doctor Who scarf for her Viking.


Jade is still plugging away on Gretta as she hasn't had time to spin lately. She's 6 ounces into a 2lb fleece....

Make it Sew

Jade talks about her adventures in Fez making

Halloween Costuming

  • Sandy talks about her dead Frida Kahlo costume, and how she got away with making it for $25.00
  • Espana wore her most comfortable costume yet. She & friends cosplayed the roommates from The Young Ones
  • Jade dug into her costume closet to pull together an Indiana Jones/adventurer costume for work.

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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Episode 6: First Cons

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Part I: Geeky Stuff

Administrative Stuff:

  • Thanks to the podcasts CraftLife & KnitKnit Cafe for running our promo recently
  • Thanks to everyone who left a review on iTunes. It really made our day.


Con Reports

The girls went off to first-time conventions, and had a blast at both. They'll be returning to those cons again in the future.
I played/checked out these games:

  1. Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple
  2. Faery's Tale Deluxe
  3. Mouse Guard RPG
  4. State of Flux LARP by Ace of Geeks


Part II: Crafty Section

Pointy Sticks & Crooked Hooks

Sweaters for Penguins!  (note: this organization already has enough sweaters due to the generous nature of knitters)
  • Sandy:
    • Apres Surf hoodie. Just finished the decreases for the armholes on the back. 5 inches of knitting plain in pattern coming up, whoop-de-doo. ;)
    • I am designing a sweater for afghans 4 Afghans: the current drive got me started on a youth sweater that I designed from the bottom up. I am drafting up the pattern for this piece and will publish it to the Afghans 4 Afghans Ravelry group and the GGC podcast blog.
    • afghans For Afghans main site. The current drive is asking for mainly sweaters, also vests, mittens, socks, hats, and blankets, in wool or animal fibers ONLY, due date January 2012.
    • Fans of afghans for Afghans Ravelry group (requires Ravelry login) 

  • Jade:
    • Everybody knows, from Knitty 2008 -- using Frank handspun from TDF 2011. She might need to spin up more of Frank.


Jade is still working on Gretta. She’s so soft. Like kitten or puppy down.

Make it Sew

The girls talk about some of their Galifrey One costuming from thrift stores.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

Episode 5: Lady Bronies

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PART I: Geek Out

  • World Fantasy San Diego, Oct 27-30: Jo Fletcher, Neil Gaiman, Parke Godwin, Ruth Sanderson, Shawna McCarthy, Connie Willis. peers.orgSaturday, November 12, 2011
  • Le Bal de Vampires, Nov 7, 2010

Reading Stack
  • Sandy is reading:
    • Mortal Engines (The Hungry City Chronicles), but stopped because it was too gloomy. However, Espana had read it, liked it, although agreed it was a bit bleak.
    • the graphic novel series The Losers, by Andy Diggle and Jock, (recommended to folks who like spy stories and government intrigue.)
 Sandy talks about her proposed LARP for Dundracon (Pres Day Weekend 2012). It's a an Arabian Nights style one-shot game, “The Thousandth Night”. Sandy's troupe, December Star, has a community on Facebook: December Star RPG. 

PART II: Crafty Geekiness


Knitting/Crochet: Pointy Sticks & Crooked Hooks
  • Jade: 
    • Finished the Mondo Cable cardigan yesterday, but is on a button search.
    • Working on a somewhat secret gift for a friend.
  • Sandy: 
    • About 12 inches into the back of her Apres Surf hoodie. Waist increases done, bust increases halfway done. 
    • 10 squares done on the shelter afghan. The website for its progress, and how you can help a shelter:
  • Lady Bronies: Sandy talks about a certain cartoon for knitting inspiration while Jade is horrified. Sandy has already kool-aid dyed yarn and is working on an intarsia chart.
  • Sandy & Jade talk about what they like to knit / crochet and their respective styles.
  • Jade is working on Gretta, a fleece from Nebo Rock Ranch

Make it Sew
  • Short segment as none of the girls are working on anything, but Espana *should* be starting on her projects

DIY & Other Craft Projects

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Friday, September 23, 2011

Episode 4: For the Want of a Scarf...

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In this week's episode....
  • Part I: Geek Topics
  • Part II: Geek Crafts
  • Part III: España's WorldCon Report Part II.

Part I: Geek Topics

Administrative Stuff
  • Our Facebook Fan page: Geek Girl Crafts Podcast
  • Special thanks to the Knitmore Girls who ran our promo on their episode.
  • Check out the Ravelry Group: Geek Girl Crafts Podcast
  • (Also, we hope we've worked out some of the sound quality for the Skype recording. Please let us know!)

This week we talk a little bit more detail about:

  • Oct 7-9, Big Bad Con, Sandy pimps her friend's new Zombie survival RPG during the convention, which will run on October 7th 2-6 PM
  • NorCal Ren Faire: Where it used to be, and where it is now.
  • Geek Girl Con: Espana will be attending. She talks about some of the Guests and panels.

Book Club!
Jade just started re-reading the Borderland anthologies from 10 years ago in order to refresh her memory of the new Bordertown anthology, edited by Ellen Kushner,Welcome to Bordertown
Read more about the anthology at the Bordertown website. If anyone wants to join in reading, you can begin with the new book or look for the older anthologies at your local library or 2nd hand bookstore.We can talk about it on the Ravelry forums

Sandy has finished, Bright's Passage: A Novel, and is currently in the middle of Mortal Engines (The Hungry City Chronicles) by Phillip Reeve.

Part II: Geeky Craft

Pointy Sticks & Crooked Hooks
Jade: Working on her Mondo cable cardigan. Finished both sleeves, and working on the Body
  • The afghan project for the Santa Clara County homeless shelter has its own page. Follow Sandy's progress and join the project by donating 7” squares by going to She is about 8 squares in on a 104 square blanket.
  • The Apres Surf Hoodie is also going OK. Decreasing the waist as I knit lace is pretty challenging! She is about 8 inches along on the front (after a bit of frogging on the lace)

Make it Sew
Jade is renaming this section, courtesy of Chris Hardwick -- the Nerdist  podcast, who recently had on Patric Stewart

Jade finished hemming her ren faire skirt, and helped her DH dye up silk ribbon to match wool fabric he is planning on making a Victorian outer coat.

Dr. Who Crafting
This unexpectedly turned into a Dr. Who crafting section. It turns out that both España & Jade are working on Dr. Who scarves.

Espana: is working on a Doctor Who beaded scarf.

Jade is going to start experimenting on Sandy's knitting machine in order to make the Doctor Who Scarf from Season 18. for her DH.

Part III: España's 2nd half of the WorldCon Report
We wrap up the 2nd half of España's WorldCon Report in this segment.

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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Speak Out with your Geek Out!

For all geeks out there, I suggest taking a read of:

Speak Out with Your Geek Out

And if you have a blog, then speak up as a geek and let your voices be heard!

We are geeks. And we are proud.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Episode 3: CCOONN!!

(Click to listen. Uses Flash)

Click here to directly download the show. You can also find us on the iTunes shop.

Administrative Stuff: This week, we're trying out recording on Skype. So, if the audio quality sounds a little different, it's because of this reason. Please let us know how it works out for you. We have several other sound options that we're going to explore.

Part I: Geek On

  •   NorCal Ren Faire: Weekends, September 17 thru October 16, 2011 10 am - 6 pm @ Casa de Fruta in Gilroy
  • Oct 7-9, Big Bad Con, gaming convention in Hilton Oakland @ Oakland airport. Looking for volunteers for reg, open gaming, and soliciting for GMs to run games for the convention. 
  • Killing My Lobster Conquers the Galaxy: Sep 22– Oct 09 Sketch comedy, TJT Theatre, 470 Florida between 17th & Mariposa, San Francisco, CA
  • Litquake Oct 7-15 / Lit Crawl Oct 15 Various locations, genre and non, pure awesome Celebrating the final night of Litquake, San Francisco’s Literary festival, the Lit Crawl is the world’s largest free literary crawl, in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission district, where it all began. In 2011, we’ll feature 450 readers and 79 readings in ONE night. Yes, ONE single night. More writers and book lovers than you can shake a stick at. Crazy. Inspiring. Exhilarating. Impossible to categorize. You don’t want to miss it.
  • Yaoi-Con Fri, October 21 – Sun, October 23

Topic Du Jour
What we talked about:
  • Special PacifiCon Report from Sandy.
  • Special WorldCon Report from España: Part 1

Part II: Geeky Crafts

  • finished her Feb Lady’s Tunic Sweater and added grosgrain ribbon
  • started the Mondo Cable cardigan out of Cascade 220 Heather (in red wine), of which she had to rip out 3 inches (2x over)
  • Finished a baby blanket for a friend
  • Charity blankets: Project page and participation info at Charity Knit/Crochet for Santa Clara County
  • Apres Surf Hoodie from Interweave knits 2008 (

  • finished up Abstract Fibers, Malificent
  • finished plying up Foxglove Spice = 881 yards 3ply
  • started Chasing Rainbows Merino/bombyx silk


  • Jade --Grommetted her bodice. Stuck herself with an awl and bled a little over the clothing
  • España
    • Worldcon went well, with a mostly assembled Watcherwoman costume. A lot of sewing of buttons and making button jewelry and obsessing over other ways to use buttons now.
    • Starting her Gallifrey One projects now. Finding a good fabric for Aztec!Barbara, probably speaking with Mette about figuring out the headpiece, and then applying feathers!

Where you can find us

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

Episode 2: While España's Away....

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Click here to directly download the show. You can also find us on the iTunes shop.


España is at WorldCon this week in Reno, and we're expecting a full detailed report for the event. But however, before she left, we recorded a topic discussion before she left as part of the Topic du Jour.

Events (Check out more SF Events at the bottom of the page)

  • NorCal Ren Faire: Weekends, September 17 thru October 16, 2011 10 am - 6 pm @ Casa de Fruta in Gilroy
  • Ardenwood Faire: September 10-11, 2011 in Fremont:
  • Evil Dead, the Musical August 27th (Campbell Theatre Martinez, CAmap)
  • Sac-Anime Convention: Radisson Hotel Sacramento 500 Leisure Lane Sacramento, CA 95815 (
  • PacifiCon Santa Clara Marriott, 2700 Mission College Blvd., Santa Clara, CA 95054, Labor Day weekend.
  • Oct 7-9, Big Bad Con, gaming convention in Hilton Oakland @ Oakland airport. Looking for volunteers for reg, open gaming, and soliciting for GMs to run games for the convention.

Hugo Awards:
Congratulations to our local Hugo award winners:

Books: The girls are listening to podcasts as of late on the way to work and at the gym:

Movies:  Jade's seen some movies lately

  • Cowboy&aliens movie:  Jade HIGHLY recommends this movie.
    • An excellent Western that just happen to have aliens
    • Good solid acting
    • nice homages to old westerns and indiana jones
  • Harry potter: A good entertaining movie, and a nice wrap up to the movie series. Jade enjoyed it, despite mixed reviews by others. She recommends it if you enjoy the whole movie series.

TV Shows: Fezzes are cool

By Jade: I finally caught up on the 11th  Season 6, and I am really enjoying the 11th doctor. The 10th Doctor is hard act to follow, as David Tennant, is well...David Tennant, but Matt Smith is doing an excellent job taking the Doctor down another path of his personality. The writers are definitely doing some interesting things with the storyline and I can't wait to see what happens.And River Song? LUV HER! She's ingenious, tough, brazen, puts the Doctor off-balanace. I love this character.

Sandy is on the first few episodes of 11th doctor.

Topic du Jour: How did you get into costuming?
(Jade made a mistake. The topic wasn’t Geeky Crafting)


Sandy's Artwork: Sandy is currently working on illustrations for a Live Action RPG (LARP) book, and will give publishing information closer to the due date. She's been working in traditional mediums then scanning in work into the computer. She's currently putting about 4 hours of work a night on this project.

Sharp Pointy Sticks & Crooked Hooks:

Jade:  still working on the February Lady's Sweater using Valley Sheffield (Worsted / 10 ply : 70% Merino, 15% Angora, 15% Silk)

  • Finished the sweater from Baroque Jacket at StitchDiva Studios. It just need buttons.Yarn for it: Newton’s Yarn (warning: website very limited)
  • Untangling an array of arcylic yarn for creating blankets for a homeless shelter.

Knitting tools:

  • Knitting needles: Jade uses harmony needles
  • Sandy uses aluminum hooks (Boye) almost exclusively -- Dumbo's magic feather
  • Jade uses: wood/bamboo hooks. She used to use Boye alumnium, but they fatigue her hand.
  • Beginners might be using the wrong tools, because of comfort & control

Sewing: (Jade)
  • finished a 6-gore ren faire skirt out of red linen that took about 1.5 hours, but still needs hemming
  • a friend's mother recently passed away, so Jade received all of her mom's sewing equipment & gear -- lots of quilting & embroidery accessories. Spent part of the weekend getting the sewing machine set up, tested, and whatnought
  • Have a Stitch & Bitch next weekend where a bunch of friends get together and sew.

Spinning: (Jade)

  • During the TDF 2011, Jade spun up a pound of merino/tussah silk blend (she had 18 ounces), that she completed. She finished 2 ounces of that batch, and ready to ply. And started plying. Her first batch was about 383 yards.
  • Her Ashford Joy needed repair. She was trouble on the take-up when the bobbin was half-full. Her LYS diagnosed bad threads on the ball bearing that holds the flyer together. They replaced it for absolutely free, and let Ashford know of the problem. Now, the Joy spins like a dream, and 
  • Jade is spinning Abstract Fibers Targhee in the colorway Maleficient, on her Joy, which is spinning up beautifully. She originally had tried some Targhee from another hand dyer, and it while it was okay to spin, parts of it were felted, so she wanted to give it another try with a good supplier
  • Jade is using the The Fleece & Fiber book, by Deb Robson, Carol Ekarius (in Conjunction with: In Sheep's Clothing)

Follow us:

  • on twitter at: geekgirlcrafts
  • on Ravelry: jadecat9, nogitsunegirl

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Sunday, August 7, 2011

Friday, August 5, 2011

Pilot Episode 1: A Geek By Any Other Gender

(Click to Listen...)

You can also download it directly from our Hosting Provider.

Topics Discussed

In the First Half of the podcast, España, Sandy, and Jade give an introduction to themselves and what makes them geeky.  In our topic discussion, we discuss

a) What is a geek?
b) How are geek girls different from geek boys (outside of the obvious)
c) What is starting to bring more girls to the scene?

In the Second Half of the podcast, we talk about the projects that we're working on (costuming, knitting, etc), and discuss how our geekiness affects our crafting, and vice versa.
  •  Sandy is working on
    • a crochet project from Stitch & Bitch, The Happy Hooker
    • a remake of a tattered 1920s dress from a Estate sale find using the amazing beadwork
  •  Jade is :
    • trying to finish the last 6 inches of her February Lady Sweater
    • several hats
    • a Renaissance Faire outfit
  • España is working on:
    • her World Con costumes
    • a sign for a World Con party
    • learning how to create some 'fake' books

Resources & Events
The following are the resources & events mentioned on the podcast


  • Worldcon: Science Fiction Convention held annually in different locations.  Reno, Nevada. Wednesday 17 - Sunday 21 August 2011 (España will be attending this convention)
  • Pacificon: Gaming Convention held in the SF Bay Area.September 2 - 5, 2011 (Sandy will be attending this convention)


    Sunday, July 31, 2011

    From Jade: Pilot Episode

    Yesterday, we recorded the pilot episode, which was a lot of fun. We had a lot of extra material, and I'm currently working on editing all of the audio (and learning the software along the way). But, so far, it's sounding pretty good.

    Hopefully, I'll have the episode up by the end of this week, and we can make our debut into the podcasting world!