Sunday, September 11, 2011

Episode 3: CCOONN!!

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Administrative Stuff: This week, we're trying out recording on Skype. So, if the audio quality sounds a little different, it's because of this reason. Please let us know how it works out for you. We have several other sound options that we're going to explore.

Part I: Geek On

  •   NorCal Ren Faire: Weekends, September 17 thru October 16, 2011 10 am - 6 pm @ Casa de Fruta in Gilroy
  • Oct 7-9, Big Bad Con, gaming convention in Hilton Oakland @ Oakland airport. Looking for volunteers for reg, open gaming, and soliciting for GMs to run games for the convention. 
  • Killing My Lobster Conquers the Galaxy: Sep 22– Oct 09 Sketch comedy, TJT Theatre, 470 Florida between 17th & Mariposa, San Francisco, CA
  • Litquake Oct 7-15 / Lit Crawl Oct 15 Various locations, genre and non, pure awesome Celebrating the final night of Litquake, San Francisco’s Literary festival, the Lit Crawl is the world’s largest free literary crawl, in the heart of San Francisco’s Mission district, where it all began. In 2011, we’ll feature 450 readers and 79 readings in ONE night. Yes, ONE single night. More writers and book lovers than you can shake a stick at. Crazy. Inspiring. Exhilarating. Impossible to categorize. You don’t want to miss it.
  • Yaoi-Con Fri, October 21 – Sun, October 23

Topic Du Jour
What we talked about:
  • Special PacifiCon Report from Sandy.
  • Special WorldCon Report from España: Part 1

Part II: Geeky Crafts

  • finished her Feb Lady’s Tunic Sweater and added grosgrain ribbon
  • started the Mondo Cable cardigan out of Cascade 220 Heather (in red wine), of which she had to rip out 3 inches (2x over)
  • Finished a baby blanket for a friend
  • Charity blankets: Project page and participation info at Charity Knit/Crochet for Santa Clara County
  • Apres Surf Hoodie from Interweave knits 2008 (

  • finished up Abstract Fibers, Malificent
  • finished plying up Foxglove Spice = 881 yards 3ply
  • started Chasing Rainbows Merino/bombyx silk


  • Jade --Grommetted her bodice. Stuck herself with an awl and bled a little over the clothing
  • España
    • Worldcon went well, with a mostly assembled Watcherwoman costume. A lot of sewing of buttons and making button jewelry and obsessing over other ways to use buttons now.
    • Starting her Gallifrey One projects now. Finding a good fabric for Aztec!Barbara, probably speaking with Mette about figuring out the headpiece, and then applying feathers!

Where you can find us

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  1. Apres surf hoodie

  2. Hi,
    Do you have the rss adress for the episodes? I use an Android phone and would like to hear it from Beyond (which needs the rss feed adress). Thanks!

  3. Hi, Karen: I use Beyond Pod, too. I'll look up the RSS and post it.

  4. Karen, here's the link to the RSS feed:

    I'll make sure to put it somewhere on the show page.


  5. @Jennifer, thanks for the link Jennifer. I'll add it onto our page.

  6. @Jennifer and @Jade: heh, thanks! I actually got the pattern from the physical magazine and I forgot that Interweave is deliciously electronic, as well.

  7. Good episode, I'm really enjoying these. I realize you guys used a different method of recording, and I found it a bit difficult to understand you guys at times. It sounded like you were trying to record through cell phones.

  8. Coffee, Thanks for the feedback. We're trying out Skype recording and had a few problems getting the sound quality.

    I think I've got some of the quality issues worked out for this next episode, but let us know if you hear (or don't hear) anything else!

  9. Hi, I just found you guys and caught up really quickly. This was a great episode!
    I can't get your FB link to work though.

  10. Thanks Allena. I'll try and see if I can't get the FB link working...