Friday, September 23, 2011

Episode 4: For the Want of a Scarf...

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In this week's episode....
  • Part I: Geek Topics
  • Part II: Geek Crafts
  • Part III: España's WorldCon Report Part II.

Part I: Geek Topics

Administrative Stuff
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  • (Also, we hope we've worked out some of the sound quality for the Skype recording. Please let us know!)

This week we talk a little bit more detail about:

  • Oct 7-9, Big Bad Con, Sandy pimps her friend's new Zombie survival RPG during the convention, which will run on October 7th 2-6 PM
  • NorCal Ren Faire: Where it used to be, and where it is now.
  • Geek Girl Con: Espana will be attending. She talks about some of the Guests and panels.

Book Club!
Jade just started re-reading the Borderland anthologies from 10 years ago in order to refresh her memory of the new Bordertown anthology, edited by Ellen Kushner,Welcome to Bordertown
Read more about the anthology at the Bordertown website. If anyone wants to join in reading, you can begin with the new book or look for the older anthologies at your local library or 2nd hand bookstore.We can talk about it on the Ravelry forums

Sandy has finished, Bright's Passage: A Novel, and is currently in the middle of Mortal Engines (The Hungry City Chronicles) by Phillip Reeve.

Part II: Geeky Craft

Pointy Sticks & Crooked Hooks
Jade: Working on her Mondo cable cardigan. Finished both sleeves, and working on the Body
  • The afghan project for the Santa Clara County homeless shelter has its own page. Follow Sandy's progress and join the project by donating 7” squares by going to She is about 8 squares in on a 104 square blanket.
  • The Apres Surf Hoodie is also going OK. Decreasing the waist as I knit lace is pretty challenging! She is about 8 inches along on the front (after a bit of frogging on the lace)

Make it Sew
Jade is renaming this section, courtesy of Chris Hardwick -- the Nerdist  podcast, who recently had on Patric Stewart

Jade finished hemming her ren faire skirt, and helped her DH dye up silk ribbon to match wool fabric he is planning on making a Victorian outer coat.

Dr. Who Crafting
This unexpectedly turned into a Dr. Who crafting section. It turns out that both España & Jade are working on Dr. Who scarves.

Espana: is working on a Doctor Who beaded scarf.

Jade is going to start experimenting on Sandy's knitting machine in order to make the Doctor Who Scarf from Season 18. for her DH.

Part III: España's 2nd half of the WorldCon Report
We wrap up the 2nd half of España's WorldCon Report in this segment.

SF/SF Calendar of Events from SF to LA

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