Thursday, February 27, 2014

Episode 51: MegaCon Weekend (aka Daughter of CCONNNN!!)

In this episode, Sandy & Jade provide a convention report on the three conventions that they attended over two weekends --- DundraCon (a gaming convention), GallifreyOne (a Doctor Who Convention), and Stitches West (a fiber art convention).

We recorded an extremely long episode, which we've broken up to Episode 51 & 52. Stay tuned for Episode 52 very shortly! You can find Jade's written con report on her blog for both GallifreyOne & Stitches West 2014!

Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Episode 50: Half a Century

In this episode, the girls speculate about the announced Star Trek CSI-like show  -- will it be good? bad? ugly?

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Get Geeky!

What are the Girls talking about?


Get Crafty!

Unfortunately, Espana has not been crafting as she is living temporarily back in San Francisco before returning to Spain.

Sandy's been busy doing illustration work for gaming companies. See her DeviantArt gallery for a look at what she's been working on for them.

For Ravellenics, the Geek Girl Crafts is joining up with Team Sasquatch! We're going to be working on finishing up WIPS  and UFOs that have been sitting around for a while. So, if you want to double dip, you can join us for Ravellenics as well as Finishuary for the Brass Needles Podcast!
  • Sandy will be working on her: Apres Surf Hoodie and as a stretch goal, her Cosby Sweater.
  • Jade will be working on her Alice Starmore cable cardigan and her Color Affection.

Fiber Optics




  • New Houdinis using Paton Kroy socks in Brown Russet. They remind Jade of Sock monkey colors