Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Episode 97: Cosmetics for Cosplay - A Primer

In this episode, Jade gives a report on San Francisco ComiCon and the girls briefly discuss cosmetics for cosplay. In the second half of the episode, the girls catch up on their crafting projects.

Get Geeky

Upcoming Events


  • Jade gives a report on San Francisco ComiCon. 
  • Jade & Sandy give a short primer on cosmetics for cosplay and historical costuming -- the whys and the very basic things you should get:
    • Start with good skin care -- This step requires you know your skin type (normal, dry, or oily?) and the appropriate way to care for it.
    • A good primer for your skin
    • Foundation that matches your skin tone
    • Good translucent finishing powder

Get Crafty

Fiber Optics

Jade ran out of sock yarn and had to buy more. Oh noes!

Finished Objects
  • Pattern: vanilla socks with tabi toes for eric
  • Yarn: Brunswick Nylamb
  • Notes:  they fit perfectly! I took careful notes so that I can do this again.
  • Pattern: On the Beach by Isabella Kraemer
  • Yarn: Miss Babs Yowza
  • Notes: Finished. Ends woven in. Still need photos
  • Pattern: five squares for a shared baby blanket with friends
  • Yarn: vanna’s choice in black, white, greys and scarlet
  • Notes: a cable square, a houndstooth check in crochet, a mosaic knit maze, a log cabin in garter, a granny with a maze pattern in front post stitches  
  • My friends have done: a fibonacci stripe sequence in grayscale, a moth in crochet, cables, graduated gray in granny stripes, and more.  
  • I’ll be joining it when it’s done, in scarlet.
  • Pattern: vanillasocks
  • Yarn: dragonfly fibers “mardi gras mambo”
  • blogger-image-1973858822.jpg
  • Socks need citric acid soak.
  • Pattern: Fingerless Gloves - Vanilla
  • Yarn: Mardis Gras Mambo

  • Pattern: Vanilla Socks
  • Yarn: Kroy Paton.
  • River Run scarf, Knit Picks Gloss Fingering, Dusk colorway: over halfway done

It’s a CocoKnits t-shirt with a great hi-low hemline. I’m knitting it in Great Adirondack Yarn Co. Torino, Silver Fox, a merino and silk blend
80% finished with a Vintage Stripes crochet blanket
I need to work on something else so that I can get more wool scraps! :)
It’s 30 by 65 and I need it to be 40!
Picking up my hexipuffs for the beekeeper now that I have scrap sock yarn