Monday, March 28, 2016

Episode 91: Women in Comics

In this episode, Sandy & Jade talk about women in comics as well as some of the latest comicbook apps, then Jade gives a con report of Silicon Valley ComiCon. In the second half of the show, they talk about their projects -- knitting, cosplay, and the ilk.

Get Geeky
The girls are back with new technology -- a new recording laptop. They are going to slowly start to replace their podcasting equipment.

Women in Comic Books
Previews is doing Women in Comics month for March by interviewing a lot of comic book artists, writers, publishers, etc., who just happen to be women. Some great interviews:

In addition, some other women in comics include:

  • Kelly Sue DeConnick’s Bitch Planet, Valentine De Landro on art, Image Comics.
  • Fiona Staples, on Saga
  • G.Willow Wilson, on Ms Marvel.
  • Jill Thompson: Beasts of Burden, Scary Godmother,
  • Colleen Doran: A Distant Soil, drew the recent Stan Lee biocomic
  • Kaja Foglio: Girl Genius co-creator
  • Donna Barr: Stinz, The Desert Peach, Afterdead
  • Gail M-F’in Simone
Comic Book Apps
Comic book apps have changed how people are reading comic books, much the same way the Kindle and e-books have changed how people read books. Jade & Sandy used to have a lot of long boxes to keep their comicbooks.
  • Comixology (also has manga) 
  • Comics Plus Marvel Unlimited (has subscription to entire back catalog) 
  • Comic Rack 
  • Comic Zeal 
  •  iComics Manga: Crunchyroll and Viz Digital, Weekly Shounen Jump, Yen Press has manga and Japanese light novels
Silicon Valley ComiCon 

Jade provides a report on her experiences at SVCC. You can read her blogpost about SVCC.

Get Crafty

Fiber Optics

Finished Objects
  • No finished objects.
  • My Own design cowl --
  • Yarn: Miss Babs Sojourn. ...REVIEW YARN
    • Pretty Wreckless
    • Bare
  • Lace & Colorwork --She hit her stitch dictionaries for simple lace designs, then winged it. She had to FROG whole sections when unhappy.
  • Pattern: GAP-tastic cowl
  • Yarn: Eco Wool in Ecru -- left overs from the Hemlock Blanket by Jared Flood
  • Modifications -- Double moss stitch instead of the single moss stitch.
  • Notes: Working on it during down times while playing video games.
  • Nearly finished with the Gramps sweater in Miss Babs Yowza, colorway Smurf and Turf, using some dark purple Patons Classic Wool for a contrast
  • Pattern: Vanilla Fingerless gloves
  • Yarn: Miss Babs Sojourn
  • Notes: Using left overs from the cowl to start a matching set of fingerless gloves --- stripes
Work and gaming knitting: vanilla socks for Eric in a very old skein of yarn-- Brunswick Nylamb in the color Cranberry.  
Reducing down from the heel flap to the feet.
  • Pattern: On the Beach by Isabella Kraemer
  • Yarn: Miss Babs Yowza
  • Progress: RIP rip rip. Knit knit knit. Jade had to reknit the first part of the sweater repeatedly as she was unable to cast on the correct size.

Make It Sew: 
  • Jade had a treadle sewing machine that she gave to Gigi Knitmore. It was a beautiful machine with an Egyptian lotus theme. 
  • Jade made a case for her archery riser using quilted remnants from the store. 
  • Currently, Jade is ripping apart an existing commercial bodysuit to use as a pattern. 
Cosplay Projects 
  • Jade & some friends did some headcasting for prop building.