Friday, November 14, 2014

Episode 64: Movie Lineup

In this episode, Jade & Sandy discuss upcoming events, then geek out about the upcoming Halloween Holiday. Then they discuss their crafting projects, including their soon-to-be "Tools of the Trade" mini episodes. We invite you to give a listen!

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Get Geeky

Moments of Squee:

Get Crafty

  • Fiber Optics
  • Make it Sew 

Fiber Optics

  • Project: 2nd Sparkly pair of socks!
  • Yarn: Plymouth Stilletto -- different colorway
  • Progress: Finished socks in Portland
  • Matchy matchy socks! Both sets!
  • Schoeller+Stahl Fortissima Shadow Color, green colorway and purple colorway
  • Dennis Sock by Heather Sebastian

  • Project: 3rd pair of  sparkly socks
  • Yarn: Unsure. Got from Yarn swap. I know it’s nylon / superwash.
  • Progress: Started in Portland
  • Project Name: Cosby sweater back again!
  • Yarn: anything!
  • Progress: arm started
  • Project: vanilla socks for Eric
  • Yarn: Kroy FX: Cadet Blues
  • Project Started new sweater -- 3-in1 sweater by Atelier Alfa:
  • Progress: Stopped. Have to get another color for striping. The green is too stark. Need something muted. Picked up silvery grey from LYS
  • Palatinus shawl by Adrien Antal
  • Malabrigo lace in Spruce green, using slightly smaller needles
  • about three motifs in
  • Adrien Antal’s wonderful site:

Make it Sew

Jade made green alien pajamas as a quick project to get back into sewing!