Saturday, February 11, 2012

Episode 13: Female Tropes in SF/F Movies & T.V

In this week's episode, we talk about female tropes in SF/F movies & t.v, then move onto a bit of making & crafting as Jade & España get ready for Gallifrey

Come & give a listen!

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Part 1: Conversations


Geeky Topics
In the first half of today's episode, we talk about female tropes in the science fiction and fantasy within the t.v. & movies media.

We hit shows from Star Trek to Firefly to Fringe to the Avengers and to Doctor Who (naturally), and then some.

Part II: Make Section

Sandy is:
  • still knitting socks for her husband using KnitPicks Felici in the Time Traveller colorway
  • Needs to re-do her Fellowship sweater sleeves as it has Crystal  Carrington sleeves.

  • Working feverishly on her costume for Gallifrey, and should be done in time!

Jade is currently working on the following things
  • Amused from Knitty 2008 -- pull over cable sweater using merino, cashmere, alpaca
  • A Design for Tardis fingerless mitts. She's finished with the first one and is knitting the second one with a few tweaks
  • FOs:
    • EZ tam/beret with Koolhaus cable (Jared Flood)
    • grey, green striped hat
    • hat for her coach
  • weaving:
    • Finished a Hawaiian Tartan
    • her first handspun scarf, using a Merino, Bamboo, Firestar handspun called “Black Hills Gold”
    • Hawaiian Tartan2 IMG_0650
  • spinning
    • Gretta -- a corriedale merino fleece
    • Teeswater roving