Saturday, December 22, 2012

Geek Girl Crafts PodZine: Issue 2

Well, Jade finally managed to get her act together and release the 2nd issue of the Geek Girl Crafts Podzine --  a quarterly fanzine based off our podcast, and all of those things that we love doing and talking about.

And she managed to get it into the last few days of this quarter! (She sincerely apologizes and blames the holiday season.)

For this 25 page issue, we have a slew of articles for your perusal:
  • Crafting Season -- España talks about the season of crafting
  • A PodCastiung 'T.V Guide' -- a summary of some of the girls' (and their listeners') favorite podcasts
  • A Tale of Two Cons -- Bill Howard talks about attending different convention types for his type of geek
  • Doctor Doctor -- Chris Erickson gives the low-down on all of his costumes
  • Holiday Crafting Ideas --- Sandy gives some advice & links
  • Mail Call --- our readers give us ideas & help
  • And we have a few comics that you will enjoy by Brad Foster.

Download the PDF file

Interested in Contributing to the Next PodZINE?

Let us know how you like it! And if you want to contribute to our podzine, we're currently taking submissions for articles, photographs, fan art, flash fiction, and whatnought, for everything geek AND craft related.

  • Contact Us: ggcpodcast AT
  • Deadline: Feb. 28, 2013

Friday, December 21, 2012

Episode 30: Hawkeye Holidays

The girls are back and talk about the Hawkeye Initiative where comic book covers of physically impossible female poses are mocked by Hawkeye. Afterwards, it's all about the holiday crafting.
The girls wish everyone a happy holiday season!

(Click to listen! Uses Flash)

Get Geeky 

The girls talk about the Hawkeye Initiatve

And Espana mentions the Anne Hathaway incident and her cool responses to the media.

Get Crafty

Holiday Crafting

Sandy & España have been a bit too busy to do some holiday crafting. Sandy became very ill around Thanksgiving and España's boy was visiting from England for 2 weeks, but Sandy was able to eek out 2 scarves for her White Elephant at home.
Consequently, Jade's the busy bee of the trio with the following:
  • Bottled liquors for her friends and family.
  • Sent off her nephew's fingerless gloves for his birthday
  • Finished up a pair of fingerless gloves for her neice
  • Sewed a Steampunk utility belt/apron for her SIL.

Fiber Optics


  • Jade:    
    • Adam's Rib Hoodie Vest 3
    • Finished up her Adam’s Rib Hoodie,.       
    • Sent off her nephew's fingerless gloves for his birthday
    • Finished up a pair of fingerless gloves for her neice
    • Started working on a top-down raglan pullover with a hoodie from her handspun.

Bead It

España finished working on a Sherlock beaded scarf, and sent it off to the intended recipient who wrote an article about it.

  • Get Musical!

    For those of you listening to the end of the show, the music played at the end was "Awake Ye Scary Great Old Ones" that can be found at