Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Episode 92: Bodily Functions

In this episode, Sandy & Jade squee about the upcoming new video games and movie trailers. Then in the unedited second half, the girls talk about their latest knitting, sewing, cosplay projects, and bodily functions….

Get Geeky

A Geek’s Life -- A Brief Life Update
Sandy’s father is ill, and she is spending her time with him, so we will have hiccups in our podcasting schedule for now. So please bear with us.

Moments of Squee

Get Crafty

Craft Organization

Jade wanted a cart for organizing supplies while at her work table (i.e. dining table). She looked at the IKEA Raskog, but it was too small for her super crafting needs, so she got something bigger from Home Depot…..

Fiber Optics

Sandy joined a Lace Knitter’s Guild!

Finished Objects
  • Does reinforcing buttonholes count? Finished the Gramps cardigan.
  • Using blanket stitch to reinforce the buttons.
  • Miss Babs Yowza, colorway Smurf and Turf, using some dark purple Patons Classic Wool for a contrast
  • Matching Gloves for Cowl
  • Yarn: Miss Babs Sojourn. ...REVIEW YARN
    • Pretty Wreckless
    • Bare
  • Lace & Colorwork -- I hit my stitch dictionaries for simple lace designs, then winged it. Frog whole sections when unhappy
  • Pattern: Vanilla Socks
  • Yarn: Does this black make my rainbow look big? (self-striping)
    • White Birch Fibers
  • Notes: She loves the yarn, love the stripes, and is slipping stitches to get a more slightly uneven striping pattern
Work and gaming knitting: vanilla socks for Eric in a very old skein of yarn-- Brunswick Nylamb in the color Cranberry.  
Knitting attack! Had to frog back to heel flap, as the heel was too narrow/tight to fit over his wider heel.
Finishing the hoodie band? Something? On my Apres Surf Hoodie.
Just a half inch to go on this thing!
Cast on a slip stitch stash hat for charity. (Syrian knitting group on ravelry)
Using all my worsted scraps to make a sunset color theme.

Going to alternate knitting for Afghans for Afghans and Syria this summer.

Make It Sew

  • Jade’s Bodysuit adventures: Jade is doing a Kim Possible cosplay group with a friend! She will be cosplaying Shego, while her friend does Kim Possible.
    • Previously: Ripping apart an existing commercial clothing for a pattern.
    • Now: Created master paper pattern from the seam-ripped pieces, then drew out the harlequinn patterning for Shego, and made the final pattern pieces.
    • Swatching with a serger!
  • SANDY SEWED SOMETHING. (part of something. Making muslins for a work skirt.)