Monday, October 14, 2013

Episode 45: Shielded

In this episode, Jade is joined by Bill while Sandy is unable to podcast. They talk about the new show, Agents of Shield, and the DIY projects they are currently creating. As a warning, there are SPOILERS for the new t.v. show, Agents of Shield.

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Get Geeky!

Moment of Squeeee!

Where each panelist talks about their current favorite things. In this half of the show, Bill & Jade talk about:
  • The trailer for the 2nd Hobbit movie
  • The Agents of Shield t.v show on ABC.  WARNING: SPOILERS! If you haven't watched this show yet or want to see it, Bill & Jade DO talk about the show and some of the plots.
    You can watch back episodes online.

Get Craft!

Fiber Optics:

Bill hasn't learned how to knit yet, so Jade solo'd this part of the episode
  • The “Scott Pilgrim” hat out of Cascade Eco in Green & Lion Brand homespun. 
    • If you haven’t seen the Scott Pilgrim movie, you REALLY should. It's a comic book movie.) 
    • And you also need to see Kick-Ass, which is along the same lines.
  • Finished Lacy Diagonal Scarf -- made from handspun yarn from SpinU
  • Jade still has 5 on the needles.
    • Aran sweater -- it's been slow going
    • Katwise gloves - Fingerless gloves inspired by Katwise, who creates upcycled sweaters and handwarmers.
    • Denver Cowl -- auto-pilot knitting for knitting groups or other gatherings.
    • Color Affection (in Miss Babs Yet) -- catch when catch can
    • Swirl Coat -- which is in slight hibernation with the warm weather.

Make it Sew 

Bill is working on his costume for the Convolution 2013 Goblin ball. It is a Doublet, in midnight blue and “pewter” lining, short cape to match, over tights and boots. Previous costumes included:
Jade has finished up the matching "waist cincher" for one of her hall costumes for Convolution that matches her bodice/vest.
In addition, she hand-sewed a prototype leather messenger bag:

She also brought her sewing machine to get the timing fixed as she broke 6 needles while trying to sew linen. The following animated gif shows how a 'lock' stitch is created in a sewing machine and how important the timing is correct.