Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Episode 25: Post Labor Effects

In this week's episode, the girls give a report on the Labor Day weekend conventions. We also have a special guest to give his take on WorldCon in Chicago. So lets get geeky!

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Get Geeky

Our own EspaƱa sits with John Coxon and talks about the Chicago WorldCon. Then Sandy talks about her experiences at PacifiCon

Get Crafty


Jade is still working on the Raspberry Cabled Cardigan that she's now calling THE NEVER ENDING SWEATER. Her sleeves came out TOO BIG. IShe had to cut them down to size.She's also working on a couple of easy mindless hats.

Before and after shots of cutting down sleeves

Sandy is attempting to knit the Lace Peddler shawl, and re-learned an important lesson about lifelines. She's also still working on the Ribby Cardigan by Bonne Marie Burns. The sleeves are sewn in, sides are sewn up-- on to the fronts and collar!


Jade is currently taking SpinU at Purlescence Yarns. Sandy is teaching a 12 week course, and is learning quite a lot about ergonomics, the physics of spinning, and how spinning a "balanced" yarn isn't always what you want.

Make It Sew!

Jade finished up the ghawzee, but Sandy has yet to finish the yukata.