Sunday, November 20, 2011

Episode 8: Hugos

In this episode, we mostly geek out in an interview with Chris Garcia, who won the Hugo award for the best fanzine at WorldCon 2011. Then we hit up the craft section briefly with our upcoming projects.

Come & give a listen!

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Geeking Out
For this episode , Jade & EspaƱa ventured off into the wilds of Mountain View, and met up with our local Hugo award winner, Chris, and his lovely & talented girlfriend, Linda, at a quaint little place, Kapp’s Pizza Bar & Grill. We interviewed him regarding his winning the Hugo for "The Drink Tank" -- the Best Fanzine at this year’s World Science Fiction convention in Reno.

Christopher J. Garcia, is a fan writer and hyper-prolific fan editor of multiple zines including Journey Planet, Exhibition Hall, Claims Department and the Drink Tank.

See Chris win the Hugo (

Geeky Crafting

Linda knitting during Chris' interview

Pointy Sticks & Crooked Hooks
  • Jade
    • Everybody Knows Sweatter (Knitty 2008) -- Jade finished the body, but doesn't have enough for the sleeves. She's spun one ounce of Frank for sleeve yardage
    • Machine Knitting -- Cascade 220. (See LJ for notes)
  • Sandy
    • Spent the Veteran’s Day weekend powering down on the Afghans for Afgans knit. She finished the entire body and wrote up the pattern, then cast on for the sleeves.
Make it Sew
  • taking apart a cartridge pleated skirt to make a bigger waistband. Cartridge pleating pleats a lot of fabric along a seam w/o bulk. You create the pleats, then you whipstitch the gathered edge of your pleated fabric to a finished waistband or seam (
  • Hemmed a 1930s dress for the Bal de Vampyre so that she could dance in it w/o catching the hem of my skirt
Espana: hemmed up a dress, which she is counting as sewing.

Espana -- Art; Fan Art for John Coxon’s Procrastinations #9 out now and Chris Garcia’s Drink Tank #300 coming out soon. Working on something for upcoming Holmes issue of Journey Planet. Prepping and printing for Loscon. Belated new issue of Yipe is up, after some technical issues, next month is the cocktail issue.

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