Saturday, December 10, 2011

Episode 9: LosCon for the Holidays

In this episode, we give a LosCon report, then we talk about DIY holiday gifts and what we're working on during the holidays.

Come & give a listen!

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Part 1: Geek Out

For the first half of the show, we give a wrap-up of LosCon along with our "live" recording at the convention.

Part 2: Craft Geeking

Holiday DIY

The holidays are coming up, and while this section might be a little late, hopefully, it’ll give you some ideas for the upcoming season for simple DIY gifts.

Tea Liqueurs
Jade makes easy tea liqueurs which involve:
  1. bottle of decent, but relatively cheap vodka
  2. favorite black tea (Earl Grey, Irish Breakfast, etc). Green tea or Jasmin works well.
  3. Put the tea into to the vodka. 
  4. let it sit for 2 weeks
  5. Decant into sterile bottles
  6. Give to friends!
Infused Oils
Infused oils -- get virgin olive oil from Costco and garlic, rosemary, or thyme...along with sterile clean bottles. Let the oil sit for 1 month.

Both Jade & Sandy bake cookies for friends

Sandy: I make loads of cookies, and Craftster just sent out a recipe for peppermint bark that I think I’ll add to my repertoire.
Knitted Gifts
Hats are quick easy gifts to churn out, esp. in worsted or bulky weight yarn.


Sandy made a gothic Christmas tree out of tinsel. Pics and instructions on her public livejournal entry:

Pointy Sticks & Crooked Hooks:

  • Jade -- has a case of start-itis
    • Started a vest (Hiker’s Waistcoat), which is a button down vest, using her handspun from TDF 2011.
    • A pair of socks for my nephew’s birthday, which had to rip parts out several times over because she can’t count, and he has small feet. (US 2 Children)
    • Finished her daybreak before Turkey day! Needs to be blocked.
    • Started a very long tail hat using the knitting machine and am just knitting now in the round to finish off the hat part.

Make it Sew:

The only sewing Jade's done is to make a modesty panel for her red silk corset.

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