Friday, December 23, 2011

Episode 10: A Short? Episode?

In this episode, Sandy & Jade thought they would do end up doing a short show without Espana, but instead discover they can talk just as much!

Come & give a listen!

(Click to listen. Uses Flash)

Part 1: Geek On

Geek Girl Crafts Podcast has reached Double Digits! YAAAY!!!

Sandy has been doing a LOT of reading lately. She really liked the following books:


Sandy's been watching:
  • Leverage,
  • Castle,
  • Dr Who 11th doctor
  • Anime:
    • Hunter x Hunter 2011,
    • Sora no Woto,
    • GoLion
For anime fans, check out

Part II: Geeky Crafting


Jade is working on:
  • Hiker’s Waistcoat in the round
  • Finished a pair of socks for her nephew
  • long tail socking cap
  • scarves on the knitting machine (still)

Sandy is working on:
  •  crocheted snowflakes, boiling starch and pinning it out.
    A GREAT site for all things “snowflake”:
  • repairing a commercial scarf for a friend. The yarn is metallic yarn (and unpleasant! Sandy, however, has a better description for them in the show)

Jade: Finally got back to spinning on Frank, and she has about 4 oz done.

Jade: Spent time with her SIL working on beads over the Thanksgiving Holidays

For those who listened to the ENTIRE show, you can learn more about THAT song on this website and buy their albums! You can get THAT song for absolutely free, but Jade highly recommends getting BOTH albums, esp. if you're a fan of THAT writer, or just like QUIRKY Holiday music. (Copyright to THAT song belongs to its creators, HPLHS, Inc.

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