Friday, August 5, 2011

Pilot Episode 1: A Geek By Any Other Gender

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Topics Discussed

In the First Half of the podcast, España, Sandy, and Jade give an introduction to themselves and what makes them geeky.  In our topic discussion, we discuss

a) What is a geek?
b) How are geek girls different from geek boys (outside of the obvious)
c) What is starting to bring more girls to the scene?

In the Second Half of the podcast, we talk about the projects that we're working on (costuming, knitting, etc), and discuss how our geekiness affects our crafting, and vice versa.
  •  Sandy is working on
    • a crochet project from Stitch & Bitch, The Happy Hooker
    • a remake of a tattered 1920s dress from a Estate sale find using the amazing beadwork
  •  Jade is :
    • trying to finish the last 6 inches of her February Lady Sweater
    • several hats
    • a Renaissance Faire outfit
  • España is working on:
    • her World Con costumes
    • a sign for a World Con party
    • learning how to create some 'fake' books

Resources & Events
The following are the resources & events mentioned on the podcast


  • Worldcon: Science Fiction Convention held annually in different locations.  Reno, Nevada. Wednesday 17 - Sunday 21 August 2011 (España will be attending this convention)
  • Pacificon: Gaming Convention held in the SF Bay Area.September 2 - 5, 2011 (Sandy will be attending this convention)


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