Tuesday, May 16, 2017

Episode 106: Guarding the Galaxy

In this episode, the girls discuss the movie, Guardians of the Galaxy Volume 2, in detail. So, WARNING…there are some serious spoilers for this movie! After some spoiler-ific discussions, they move onto their latest crafting, sewing, and making projects.

Get Geeky

  • Maker's Faire, San Mateo County Fairground. May 20-21, 2017.
  • Kublacon: gaming: Memorial Day Weekend • May 26-29, 2017 • Hyatt Regency SFO
  • Fanime: http://www.fanime.com/ (San Jose Convention Center, downtown San Jose)
  • Clockwork Alchemy (DoubleTree Hotel, San Jose)
  • Baycon: San Mateo Mariott (10 min drive from Kubla)

Guardians of the Galaxy

The girls love this movie and highly recommend that you go see it too! There are some excellent themes for this movie. Sandy suggests reading this article (also containing spoilers)

    Get Crafty

    Fiber Optics

    Finished Objects
    • Nada. Nothing. Zip. Zilch
    • Project: Project Linus blanket
    • Pattern: traditional granny squares
    • Pattern: Viajante
    • Yarn: Miss Babs Katahdin -- Morticia
    • Notes: Working on the lace and beading. It’s taking forever. I’m 3” into the lace, and have another 2” to go. Check out the blog for how to bead with dental floss.
    • Hexipuffs out of my leftover Opal yarn. This is in my everyday bag.
    • Project: Vanilla Socks
    • Pattern: mine
    • Yarn/Colorway: Plymouth Stilleto
    • Notes: Waay back when, several episodes ago, which translates into several months, I started working on this pattern, then put it on hold. Not quite Second Sock Syndrome, but I was working on other projects
    For self striping yarns, check out Susan B Anderson’s Smooth Operator Socks: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/smooth-operator-socks

    Make it Sew

    Jade's made some t-shirt mods. You can read more on her blog!

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