Friday, April 28, 2017

Episode 105: A Very British Episode

In the first half of episode 105, the girls recap on Silicon Valley ComiCon and the Science March in San Jose, and then Jade discusses her geeky-inspired trip to the U.K, including the Doctor Who experience in Cardiff. In the second half of the show, they discuss British yarn and their latest crafting/sewing/knitting projects.

Get Geeky

  • Kublacon: gaming: Memorial Day Weekend • May 26-29, 2017 • Hyatt Regency SFO
  • Fanime: (San Jose Convention Center, downtown San Jose)
  • Clockwork Alchemy (DoubleTree Hotel, San Jose)
  • Baycon: San Mateo Mariott (10 min drive from Kubla)

Jade's trip to the UK:

SVCC & the Science March --- Jade had a fabulous time at SVCC; it was much better than the previous year. And Sandy volunteered at the Science March. This year, SVCC & the Science March coincided, and both Sandy&Jade enjoyed the events.

    Get Crafty

    Jade did a bunch of knitting on her travels, as well as visited a LYS. You can read her adventures here:Knitting & Crafting in the UK

    Fiber Optics

    Finished Objects
    • Nada. Nothing. Zip. Zilch
    • 4 kitty hats in trans flag colors for the Billy De Frank Trans Day of Visibility. Last episode shownotes has the link to patterns and yarn.
    • Yarn: Cascade Greenland (bought a ton at Stitches several years ago
    • Notes: Working the shawl collar. Taking forever in garter stitch.
    • Pattern: Viajante
    • Yarn: Miss Babs Katahdin -- Morticia
    • Notes: Nearly done with the stockinette then onto lace. Right now BLACK HOLE OF KNITTING -- growing stockinette
    • Hexipuffs out of my leftover Opal yarn. This is in my everyday bag.
    • Project: Dobby’s Tube Socks
    • Pattern: vanilla
    • Yarn/Colorway: White Birch Fiber Arts
    • Notes: Started ON the Tube going to London (1 hour ride to London), then worked on it primarily using the Tube to go around London.
    • Project: Project Linus blanket
    • Pattern: traditional granny squares
    • Yarn/Colorway: acrylic hodgepodge
    • Notes: finished squares, assembling using the flat braid join technique
    • Finished with join, now doing edging. It’s a large twin size.

    Make it Sew

    Sandy is altering lightweight cotton work slacks to slim-leg pants-- graded line from hip to ankle


    1. Late to the party but WYS (West Yorkshire spinners) makes wonderful yarn. If anyone is interested in buying some, I recommend as an online shop. I've not yet made it to Gingertwist Studios (it opened after we spawned and largely stopped going anywhere) but I follow Jess on social media and she's darling. It's a shame you missed EYF because it is an amazing yarn festival, but if it helps even if you'd been in town that weekend floor passes sold out back in January (classes largely sell out in half a heartbeat). I went last year and the year before but had a two month old this year so I missed it.

      The UK, and especially Scottish, knitting scene is pretty amazing - so interconnected, with huge support for indy designers, dyers, small holders, and mills. Its a good time to be a knitter interested in rare breeds.

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