Thursday, August 29, 2013

Episode 44: Batfleck

In this episode, Sandy & Jade wax on about the upcoming Batman movie and the announced star (as well as other related tangents). Then they talk about their costuming for the upcoming convention, ConVolution 2013

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Get Geeky!

Sandy and Jade talk about the BatMan movie and the announced star, Ben Affleck. Per usual, they got off on some related tangents in regards to genders in super hero movies.

For the morbidly curious: every Batman role ever performed on screen. Movies, TV, animated series (yes, even, Scooby Doo meets Batman) and more:

For those interested in : BBC’s Knightfall production:

Get Craft!

Fiber Optics:

Jade talks about the wonderful knitter who created the Knitted Wonder Woman costume for BayCon2013. You can get the pattern on Etsy!
  • Sandy is working on:
    •   "Pinkled Ginger" -- a not so secret, super seekrit project for a friend
  • Jade is having a small case of "start-itis"
    • Finished 
      • the last front panel of her Aran Sweater, but not starting the sleeves just yet.
      • the 3rd pair of fingerless mitts out of Alegrai by manos del Uruguay.
    •  Started: 
      • a birthday project for a friend, who shall go unnamed, in her favorite baseball team colors
      • Started the Color Affection (in Miss Babs Yet) in order to knit while hanging out with the aforementioned friend.
      • Started some hand knit "elvin" gloves out of several different skeins of handspun because the Color Affection was too complicated for "social knitting". This project is inspired by Katwise's wonderful recyled sweaters:

Make it Sew

The girls are BUSY sewing for Convolution.

Sandy's been busy sewing up a storm for her Troll Princess gown for the Goblin King Ball in November. Her bodice is done, as is the skirts. She's in the process of making a chemise. She also got the Zupan pattern (from Reconstructing History) for her husband, and is considering how to modify it so that he doesn't bake in it.

Jade still has received her silk samples from, but has not yet ordered the fabric. In the meantime, she has been sewing on her hall costumes, including a "mini-vest". You can find details on her personal blog.

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