Monday, September 30, 2013

Geek Girl Crafts Podzine: Issue 5 -- COOOONNNNSSSS!

The FIFTH edition of the Geek Girl Crafts Podzine is now available! In this fanzine, we focus a little bit more on conventions and the elements surrounding them.

In this issue, we have:
  • Notes from the Editor -- Welcome Back Everyone!
  • Community -- Bill Howard talks about community in fandom.
  • Learning How to Run a Convention: Hotel Liason -- Jennifer "Radar" Wylie talks about learning the ins-and-outs of learning how to run a convention.
  • How I do a 'Zine (Or how you shouldn't run a 'Zine) -- Hugo-winner Chris Garcia discusses how he puts together his fanzines
  • Fan of a Different Color -- .Jade talks about some of her experience in fandom as a person of color.
  • Knitted Cosplay -- Who knew you could make an entire cosplay costume from knitting? Certainly, the girls of Geek Girl Crafts were surprised and delighted to find someone who did just that!
  • Con Kibble -- Yvette provides a couple of recipes to create your own con kibble for the next convention.

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