Saturday, April 25, 2015

Episode 76: Wookies!

In this episode, the Geek Girls are again a trio! España comes back for a squee fest about the upcoming Silicon Valley ComiCon for 2016, and Sandy has a squee-fit over the newly released Star Wars trailer. Of course, crafting is never far behind. Sandy & Jade catch up on their latest knitting, sewing, and general crafty projects. A

Get Geeky


Moment of Squee

In today's episode, the girls squee about:
  • The Big Wow Convention that was held at the San Jose Convention Center May 18-19th. Espana and Jade give a post con report, as well as record an "after-hours" con report while slightly inebriated.
  • The upcoming 2016 Silicon Valley Comic Con!
  • The newly released Star Wars trailer. Sandy has a squee fit over it.
  • Sandy is loving the new Daredevil series.

Get Crafty!

The girls have not just ONE, but TWO craft-a-longs in progress....  Check out the Geek Girl Crafts forums on G+ and Ravelry:

Harry Potter Craft-a-Long

Sandy wants you to geek out about Harry Potter! Make your favorite Potter Universe item, whether it be knitting, sewing, baking, or otherwise. Check out the official Harry Potter Universe website at:

Who Crafts?

Jade gets in on the craft-a-long, but Doctor Who style. Got sewing? knitting? crochet? Want to make fish fingers and custard? Or your favorite souffle recipe? Share with us!

And for those interested, she's posted her pattern for her fingerless long gloves, so make your own Doctor Who scarf gloves

Fiber Optics

Sandy has finished adding her stash to her Ravelry Stash page and is so much happier! Although, now she plans on culling her stash at the next yarn swap at her local LYS.

Finished Objects
  • Pattern: Jacque Cousteau Hat
  • Yarn: Cascade 220 Superwash Worsted
  • Link:
  • Pattern: gryffindor house sweater: front of sweater
  • Yarn: Cascade Longwood sport
  • Link
  • Notes: finished the back
  • Baby Sweater for dear friends
  • Cascade 220 Superwash paints
  • Notes: Jade had issues with this because:
    • Knit for too long -- distracted by GoT -- had to rip back 3”
    • Ripped out neckline decreases twice -- because she  can’t count
  • Pattern: HexiPuffs!
  • Yarn: Varied Sock yarn
  • Link
  • Notes: Using HabitRPG to turn everyday chores into a RPG game that gives you XP for things you do everyday.
  • Pattern: New socks!
  • Yarn: Cascade Socks - Self striping socks
  • Pattern: Louisa by Cocoknits
  • Yarn: Shibui - Linen, Cloud, and…..
  • Notes: Had to rip back once because she twisted her join.

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