Monday, April 13, 2015

Episode 75: Weapons Safety Policy

In this episode, the girls have a special guest host. The three discuss cosplay costume accessories, such as large props, like wings and weapons. They talk about the rules and policies at various conventions surrounding prop weapons, as well as some of the local city and county laws that might affect your cosplay accessorizing. For fiber crafting, the girls discuss their latest finished projects and their WIPs.

Get Geeky


  • Retzlaff Winery - June 6, 2015 - Fleeces, Food, & Fun. 10-4. $5.00 per person.
  • Valhalla Ren Faire  - May 30-31, June 5-6 - Tahoe.
  • BayCon - Memorial Day weekend 2015. May 22-24, 2015 (note: last day change) at the Santa Clara Convention Center
  • Fanime - memorial day weekend 2015. May 22-25, 2015 -- SJ Convention Center
  • Kublacon same days, , Burlingame hyatt regency, $40 per the weekend.
  • Convolution 2015 - Burlingame October 5-6, 2015

Topic: Weapons Safety Policies

Different conventions have different policies regarding accessories such as weapons for your cosplay outfit. These policies range from a simple "Use Common Sense" to very extensive rules for what you can and cannot do with your weapon props.

Make sure to read the policies set forth by the Convention (and the Masquerade) regarding weapons, drawing your weapons, etc. Also be aware that local municipalities (cities, counties, and state) have their own laws regarding weapons. Don't get arrested because your prop gun looks too real!

Know what the policies and local laws say!

Get Crafty!

The girls have not just ONE, but TWO craft-a-longs in progress....  Check out the Geek Girl Crafts forums on G+ and Ravelry:

Harry Potter Craft-a-Long

Sandy wants you to geek out about Harry Potter! Make your favorite Potter Universe item, whether it be knitting, sewing, baking, or otherwise. Check out the official Harry Potter Universe website at:

Who Crafts?

Jade gets in on the craft-a-long, but Doctor Who style. Got sewing? knitting? crochet? Want to make fish fingers and custard? Or your favorite souffle recipe? Share with us!

And for those interested, she's posted her pattern for her fingerless long gloves, so make your own Doctor Who scarf gloves

Fiber Optics

Sandy adds her stash to her Ravelry Stash page and is so much happier! 

Finished Objects
  • Pattern: Tiger Socks
  • Yarn: Regia 
    Jade's cat has opinions about her tiger stripe socks!

  • Pattern: Honey Cowl
  • Yarn: YOTH Big Sister
  • Notes: This is a lovely yarn to work with, and has great stitch definition. It also withstands repeated frogging, and softens up beautifully when washed & blocked.

  • Pattern: gryffindor house sweater: back of sweater
  • Yarn: Cascade Longwood sport
  • Link
  • Notes: finished the back
  • Pattern: New socks!
  • Yarn: Cascade Socks - Self striping socks
  • Pattern: HexiPuffs!

Make it Sew!

  • Jade is the only one currently sewing, but she has a bit of costuming ennui. So far she is working on the following: 

    • She is still working on the San costume from Princess Monoke. The apron is finished (the suedecloth worked beautifully. And she also received the faux fur, and has made the cloak.
    • She has created a Doctor Who bucket hat with an exploding Tardis interior.

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