Friday, February 27, 2015

Episode 71: Creative Juices

In this episode, the girls recap their back-to-back weekend of conventions from DundraCon, GallifreyOne, and Stitches West. Then they talk about their overflowing creative juices that have been stimulated by the cons they attended.

Get Geeky

The girls give convention reports for:
  • DundraCon -- Sandy talks about her Karoake Larp
  • GallifreyOne -- EspaƱa and Jade send in field reports from Gallifrey
  • StitchesWest -- Sandy & Jade recap their adventures and well-gotten swag from StitchesWest.

Get Crafty!

The girls have not just ONE, but TWO craft-a-longs in progress....  Check out the Geek Girl Crafts forums on G+ and Ravelry:

Harry Potter Craft-a-Long

Sandy wants you to geek out about Harry Potter! Make your favorite Potter Universe item, whether it be knitting, sewing, baking, or otherwise. Check out the official Harry Potter Universe website at:

Who Crafts?

Jade gets in on the craft-a-long, but Doctor Who style. Got sewing? knitting? crochet? Want to make fish fingers and custard? Or your favorite souffle recipe? Share with us!

And for those interested, she's posted her pattern for her fingerless long gloves, so make your own Doctor Who scarf gloves

Fiber Optics


  • Project: Baby Sweater
  • This is a variation on a knit-flat top down raglan that I’ve seen in a ton of other places.  I chose this one because it’s designed to be joined in the round after only a few buttons. Size 7 needles, Caron Simply Soft in black…wait, a black baby sweater?  The baby’s nickname is Toothless! So I’ll be embroidering the dragon from How to Train Your Dragon on the front.  The chart for that design is here.

  • lots of hexies
  • Project: Tiger Socks!
  • Yarn: Regia 4 color -- tiger striping
  • Pattern: Crocheted Bow tie  by Louie’s Loops
  • Yarn: PINK
  • Progress: This is more of a proof of concept
  • Sandy made her own chart for this and will reshare permission is granted.
  • House Sweater
  • Charmed Knits edited by Alison Hensel
  • starting potteralong on 2/15/2015
  • Dragons by Mary Scott Huff 
  • Pattern: 
  • Yarn: Kit from Abstract Fibers 
  • Progress - 480 stitches. Fair Isle

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