Thursday, June 27, 2013

Episode 41: Bright Eyes

In this long awaited episode, the girls have a special guest host, where they geek out about the Memorial Day Con-a-poolza, and then talk about their plans for costuming in the upcoming months.We also have a special road-trip report from España on the first leg of her journey. We apologize for the delay in recording. There were some scheduling around sicknesses and lost voices.

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Get Geeky!

The girls and Bill talk about their experiences during the Memorial Day weekend conventions:

And we talk about some of the conventions that are happening in the area
  • WesterCon in July ---
  • Convolution in November ---
    • With special guest hosts: the Frouds and Wendy Pini

Get Craft!

Make it Sew

The three talk about upcoming  conventions and their plans for costuming for the upcoming cons

Fiber Optics:

  • Sandy is making progress on her  Apres Surf Hoodie , but an unknown infestation of bugs in her apartment has her entire stash and projects bagged up.
  • Jade is forever working on her Knit Swirl Coat and her Aran sweater and isn't making much progress with anything else. She does talk about her 3-glove curse, however.

Special Report!

España sends us a report on the first leg of her journey to Spain.

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