Monday, May 20, 2013

Episode 40: España-Less

In this first episode without España, the Sandy & Jade go into hyperdrive about crafting and making.

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Fiber Optics:


  • Finished one side of the button band for her Cosby Sweater
  • Finished a pair of socks for her friend in Scotland
  • Has picked up her UFO -- the Apres Surf Hoodie


  • Knitting:
    • Still working on the Knit Swirl Coat, but it now has to stay at home because it's too big, plus the weather has gotten too hot to carry around a sweater
    • Finished two pairs of vanilla socks with the following yarns. She'll see how they wear after some time wearing them.
      • Lisa Souza Sock!-- great sock yarn.
      • Manos del Uruguay, Alegria -- even better sock yarn
    • Finished the Shalom cardigan with 1/2 sleeves
    • Blocked a 4-foot diameter blanket
    • Started an Aran Sweater by Alice Starmore (St. Brigid) with 5 separate charts.
  • Spinning
    • 2-ply DK weight yarn for an Old Shale Stole (merino silk)
    • 3-ply cashmere & merino -- which is spinning like BUTTER.


Jade reviews the KnitCompanion app for the iPad, as she is using it on her Aran sweater. She'll write up a full review on her blog in the next day or so.

Make It Sew

Jade took apart a previous costume (her Ghwazee) so she could remake parts of it with more internlining for a stiffer fabric as she didn’t have enough to make a completely new one.

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