Saturday, July 28, 2012

Episode 23: Pollyanna

In this week's episode, the girls wrap up the Hugos, geek out about fashion, talk about the latest upcoming movies & t.v. shows, as well as catch up about their DIY projects.
Come join us in our geekfest!

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Lets Talk Geek!

Hugo Wrap-Up!

Voting for the Hugos ends July 31st, so get your votes in now! In the meantime, the girls wraps up the Hugos with their votes on the Hugos.


The girls are excited about some up-and-coming t.v. shows & movies, including:
  • Anime - Sandy
    • Utakoi 
    • Humanity is in Decline

  • Movies:
  • T.V. Shows
    • The Munsters 
    • Tron Uprising 

Geek Fashion

Here's a new segment for the show! The girls talk about geek fashion, ranging from geek t-shirts to jewelry. 
Shops & vendors that sell some nice geek items:

Crafting, Making, & DIY

Knitting & Crochet

Make It Sew!

Sandy has worked on Japanese Yukatas for her friends for the Japanese Obon festivals.

Other DIY Projects

EspaƱa works on some paper-mache for her artwork, while Jade makes herself a leather belt & belt hanger for Ren Faire.
Leather Belt Finished

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  1. Another excellent show ladies. I must say geek fashions have gone main stream. I wore a green lantern emblem shirt just last Sunday to the Westercon 66 staff meeting and received 3 compliments on it. One from a fellow working the cash register where I had dinner. I think some of it is the popularity of the show "The Big Bang Theory" on TV these days. But the days of wearing an obscure "geek" tshirt and not having someone recognize it for what it is are probably long gone.