Sunday, April 29, 2012

Episode 17: Mogwai Projects

In this week's episode, we are still missing Espana, but Sandy & Jade geek out about fitness, then talk about project gremlins. Come & give a listen!

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  • Maker’s Faire May 18-20, San Mateo Event Center, San Mateo CA
  • World Maker Faire New York, Sept. 29 & 30, 2012, New York Hall of Science, Queens NY

  • Conference of Northern California Handweavers-- at the Oakland Marriot May 18-20

Women in Gaming

For those of you who game online, we have a video that should be of interest, especially if you’re female or know female gamer -- it deals with sexual harassment and how women deal with the “predominately” male audience (although we know that the statistics for that don’t play out). This is a more in-depth discussion that we’ll get to once Espana returns, but we felt that this video was worth sharing now. N00dz or GTFO panel discussion at PAXEast

Geeks and Fitness!

Sandy & Jade talk about geeks & fitness. Check out Fitocracy to help make fitness more fun.

Making, Crafting, and DIY


The girls talk about how not to turn your seemingly harmless project (a Mogwai) into something that will wreck havoc with your crafting life (gremlins) especially, if you start it after midnight (when you're tired)

  • Jade
    • Finished the pair of generic vanilla sock
    • Started on a new sweater -- the Chic Knits basic hoodie pattern
    • Still spinning for the Knitmore girls SPAKAL and has 3 ounces of Gretta spun up
    • Almost had a project turn from Mogwai into a gremlin!
  • Sandy
    • Ribby Cardi is going great!
    • Blanket Squares for our friend are completed
    • Looking for the Ultimate Shawl

Completed Squares


Jade went to the Bead Society of Northern California  bead show at the Oakland Marriot with about 120 vendors and artisans.



Jade is still plugging away at the leather parts for her costume. While sewing with a leather awl, the project bit her, and she bled a little bit over the leather. But most costumers don’t consider it done until you’ve bled over it! 

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    1. I had mogwai moment recently. I made a pattern for a bag AFTER midnight and yeah... I had bit of problem solving ahead in day light.