Thursday, February 11, 2016

Episode 89: Fire Monkey

In this episode, the girls talk about their missing month of January, and squee about some of their favorite geeky things thus far. Then, they catch up on their making and crafting projects.

Get Geeky

Events 2016

    • Dundracon 40: San Ramon Mariott February 12-15, 2016, HOTEL IS FULL, last day for prereg prices 1/31. Sandy is helping with the karaoke event again this year-- proposed theme: Princes of the Universe

    • Stitches West: FEB. 18-21, 2016

    Moments of Squee

    For this part of the show, the girls squee about:
    • Agent Carter season 2
    • The Expanse -- a science fiction t.v series based on a series of novels
    • Supergirl series, including a potential Flash and Supergirl crossover!
    • Novelization of The Force Awakens by Alan Dean Foster
    • The anime, Pumpkin Scissors, on Hulu and as a manga

    Get Crafty

    Charity Knitting

    • Afghans for Afghans is back!  Accepting hats, socks and mittens for a range of ages and sizes! Please read the rules for how to create and donate carefully!
    • 25000 Tuques

    Fiber Optics

    Finished Objects
    • Pattern: Fjallsippa
    • Yarn: everything worsted in my stash, drop shoulder sweater-generator pattern, cut into a steeked cardigan with a Norwegian colorwork design
    • Buying buttons/clasps for it at Stitches
    • Pattern: Vanilla Fingerless glove pattern
    • Yarn: “Asia” -- Super Sock Abstract Fibers
    • DONE knitting the Maple Leaf Knit Shawl by Natalia @ Elfmoda, as part of a December KAL. Mine is in Malabrigo Sock, color Fresco y Seco, a stunning emerald green.
    • I’ll be wearing this to Stitches West
    • Pattern: (MINE) Slouchy Hat with Ribbon
    • Yarn: Debbie Bliss Cashmerino Aran: Merino, Nylon, Cashmere
    • Notes:
    • Pattern: Vanilla socks
    • Yarn: Asia -- Super Sock Abstract Fibers
    • Pattern: Leftie by Martina Behm
    • Yarn:  Miss Babs Yummy 2-Ply
    • Notes: Not as big as Jade wanted as she ran out of yar. She added a crochet border edge.
    • Pattern: GAP-tastic cowl
    • Yarn: Eco Wool in Ecru -- left overs from the Hemlock Blanket by Jared Flood
    • Modifications -- Double moss stitch instead of the single moss stitch.
    • Started a Gramps baby sweater by Tin Can Knits for mysmall friend Sprocket, aged 2-4 size, it’s in Miss Babs Yowza Whatta Skein, colorway Smurf and Turf, and I’m adding a dark purple contrast color throughout.  This sweater is so appealing I am kind of tempted to make a big one for moi someday.
    • Pattern: Vanilla Socks
    • Yarn: Regia 4 color
    Work and gaming knitting: vanilla socks for Eric in a very old skein of yarn-- Brunswick Nylamb in the color Cranberry.  
    Heelflap time! Do you use a special heel stitch? I do-- here’s my favorite, from Knitting Daily.
    Eye of Partridge Stitch (version for heels)
    Row 1: (Right side) * Sl1, K1*, repeat across, ending with K1.
    Row 2 and all even rows: Sl1, purl across row.
    Row 3: Sl2, * K1, Sl1,* repeat across row ending with K2.
    Row 4: Repeat Row 2.

    • Pattern: Vitruvia -
    • Yarn: Colinette Jitterbug. Leaf Velvet. FINGERING WEIGHT
    • Progress: This was Jade’s trip knitting in the car. Slow progress but oh, so pretty. She’s two repeats of the cable pattern on the back.
    • Close to finishing the Apres Surf Hoodie-- working on the hood, which is arguably the most important part.  This one’s taking a back seat because KNITTING FOR BABIES IS THE FUNNEST WHEEEEE

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