Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Episode 68: Geek Love

In this episode, Sandy & Jade discuss the events happening for February, as well as the dreaded Valentine's day gift giving with some helpful tips on geek gift giving. España sends in a field report reviewing the book, "Rivers of London". In Get Crafty!, the girls talk about their recent project disasters. Sandy announces a Harry Potter "Craft-A-Long!" Come and join us!

Get Geeky!


  • DundraCon - Sandy is doing another Karaoke LARP - Feb. 13-16. 2015
  • GallifreyOne - The Doctor Who Convention in LA. Special guests include: Alex Kingston and John Barrowman. Jade will be attendance. Feb. 13-16, 2015
  • Stitches West - Santa Clara Convention Center - Feb. 20-22

Valentine's Day Gift Giving

Traditionally, V-day gifts include flowers, candy, and jewelry. Here's some takes on those traditional gifts, geek-style.

Review of "Rivers of London" by España Sheriff

Get Crafty!


Sandy wants you to geek out about Harry Potter! She's organizing a Potter Craft-a-long. Make your favorite Potter Universe item, whether it be knitting, sewing, baking, or otherwise. Check out the Geek Girl Crafts forums on G+ and Ravelry:
Check out the official Harry Potter Universe website at: https://www.pottermore.com

Fiber Optics


  • Project Name: Cranford Mitts
  • yarn: scrap Koigu and Zitron Trekking Pro Natura
  • http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/library/cranford-mitts
  • Whovian Long Gloves
  • Link: Jade’s  own pattern
  • Yarn: Cascade 220 Sportweight Superwash
  • Milly Molly Mandy Socks
  • Stray Cat Socks
  • Progress Finished -- but, the dye has bled and now they are dingy!

  • Project Name: Fjallsippa nordic sweater
  • Yarn: anything!
  • Progress: finished one sleeve, on to the next
  • MEGA MISTAKE!! Frogged back to beginning of second sleeve
  • lots of hexies
  • Fingerless gloves pattern
  • Stray Cat Socks Yarn
  • Jade's own pattern

Make It Sew!

Jade had to re-do her bag after a trial run. She found some issues, including it being too floppy. She's posted about it on her blog along with her fixes:

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