Wednesday, December 10, 2014

Episode 65: Tell Me What You Want

In this episode, Jade & Sandy discuss holiday gift giving for your favorite geek and crafters. They offer up suggestions for gifts as well as places to make purchases. Then in crafting, they discuss their Grinch-like tendencies about crafting for themselves this holiday.

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With the holidays, we might not be able to podcast our second episode for December. (Yes, we know we totally missed out the end of November, and we apologize) We will definitely try and get a podcast out, but no promises. Regardless, we will see you all on the flip side of 2015!

Get Geeky

Everyone enjoys gifts, especially ones that tell your loved one that you thinking about them. However, instead of guessing, Geek Girl Crafts recommends that you:
  1. Pay attention to what your loved one has said about their geekiness and/or crafting.
  2. Ask them what they really want for the holidays (and while you’re at it, tell THEM what you want)

But here are some gift ideas that might also help those that are shy at discussing their wishlists or if you think you know what they might like:

Geeky Gifts
  • -- tons of stuff for geeks from various fandoms.
Jade’s bought many things for herself here. :-)
  • Steam Powered has wish lists for gamers:

Gifts for DIY makers
  • Make Magazine:
  • Craft Magazine;
  • Interweave Magazine --- (and videos) -
  • Knitting Daily

Get Crafty:

Fiber Optics


  • Project: 3rd pair of  sparkly socks
  • Yarn: Unknown (superwash merino/nylon) that she got from Yarn swap. Progress: Started in Portland. Finished 1st sock, and about 3 inches from finishing the cuff
  • Project Name: Nordic stranded sweater back again!
  • Yarn: anything!
  • Progress: Sleeves are nearly done
  • Project: Vanilla socks for Eric because of NaNoWriMo
  • Yarn: Kroy FX: Cadet Blues
  • Progress: finished one, next one is on heel decreases.
  • Project: Palatinus shawl by Adrien Antal
  • Yarn: Malabrigo lace in Spruce green, using slightly smaller needles
  • Progress: About three motifs into the pattern
  • Adrien Antal’s wonderful site:

Make it Sew! -

Sweater-arm (or sweater pants) to armwarmer with phone pocket!
More project bags for WIP as well as re-usable gift bags. She’s been using remnants from Joann’s Fabrics, where she also found Disney Villainesses as a great fabric print for project bags.

The pattern is on her blog: 


  1. Hi!
    Do you have a link the Captain American cardigan you mentioned in this show?

    1. It's at Hot Topic:

      It's a Her Universe item, but Hot Topic currently has more sizes.