Monday, March 31, 2014

Episode 53: Science Fact

In this episode, the girls touch upon the how science fiction has become science fact in today's modern culture --- from a magical Nautilus submarine that can stay underwater for months at a time (nuclear submarines) to communicators (cell phones) to being able to print body parts. Then they switch gears and discuss their DIY and crafting projects for spring.

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Get Geeky!

The girls only briefly touch upon some of the elements of modern technology that was once science fiction:

Get Crafty!

Spring is here and Jade has start-itis, while Sandy is having problems with her crafting.

    Fiber Optics

    • Project: UFO from Area 51. Irish Hiking Scarf started in 2009,
      Yarn: Lion Brand Wool Ease (80% acrylic + 20% wool)  
    • Ended up turning it into a cowl with 10 minutes worth of work.

    • Project: St. Brigid Aran Sweater
    • Yarn: Cascade 220
    • Status: Seaming done, and now knitting the neck band..
    Finally finished a sleeve for the Apres Surf hoodie-- frogged or ripped back at least 3 times!
    • Project: Color Affection
    • Yarn: Miss Babs Yet
    • Status: Am in the last section of the shawl (one color)
    • casting on sock Houdinis for road trip
    • Project: Peacock Houdinis
    • Yarn: Manos del Urugay
    • Status: Finished A single sock.
    Beekeper quilt!

    • Project: Stitches Sweater -- Ribby Cardy by Chic Knits
    • Yarn: Cascade Greenland
    • Status: Sweater tradition. Working on the back
    • Project: Skinny Clapotis
    • Yarn: My handspun - Cashmere Silk from Abstract Fibers.
    • Status: Only 210 yards, so needed something that was going to use all of it. Punted on this project for nearly a year, looking for a “perfect pattern”


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