Friday, March 22, 2013

Episode 36: Role Models

In this episode, the girls talk about their t.v. role models from childhood, and then catch up on their crafting projects. There were only a few tangents here and there, but the girls kept it on topic (mostly.....)

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Get Geeky


Brief Moment of Squee:

  • Spoonflower -- where you can get an assortment of different fabrics, decals, wallpapers, all your favorite geeky topics. They have a bunch of Dr. Who printed fabrics. 

Role Models

The girls talk about their t.v. role models from childhood. They range in characters from super heroes to villains to the creepy crawly.


For those of you who listened to the previous episode where we discussed Orson Scott Card's participation in the upcoming Superman comic series, here's the conclusion to that decision.

Get Crafty!

Fiber Optics

  •  Still working on the Coat of Many Colors out of the yarn, Mountain Goat (by Mountain Colors) , which is mohair and wool. And I’m really really like knitting up this yarn. 
  • Started a pair of socks using a modified pattern, “Faceted Rib” from the “Little Box of Socks” as an in-between project for the Coat when Jade gets too bored.
    • One sock is done!  
    • The yarn is from Lisa Souza’s yarns, called “SOCK!”. The colorway is Lime & Violet, --- a yellow/green color with a dark purple. 
SPINNING: Jade is trying to spin through her fiber stash, after discovering that she had some singles that had been sitting on the bobbin for over a year.

Jade has also written up some tutorials for using different spinning tools. If you guys have any questions regarding spinning, ask Jade, and we'll put it on the podcast!! She doesn't want to bore anyone too much with talks about spinning!

Make it Sew!

Sandy has posted a jean alteration tutorial for how to convert a pair of larger jeans to something more fitted.


  1. I had a movie role model rather than a t.v. one, Mame. When I was a kid, there weren't many female role models on television--women were still very much in the Mrs. Cleaver mold. The one television female I would call a role model would have been Endora from "Bewitched". Otherwise, most of my role models were male.

  2. Oh, that anonymous comment above was from LadyCelia.

    And I once wrote a personal ad that started "Looking for Gomez Addams"