Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Episode 31; Happy New Year!

Happy New Year! It's the first episode of 2013, and the girls talk about the newly released movie, The Hobbit, (and it's crafty side), as well as discussing what they're planning for 2013. Come give a listen!

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The following are some of the upcoming events in the first quarter of this year. The conventions the girls are attending are italicized.
Let us know if you're coming!

Get Geeky 

The girls discuss the recently released movie, The Hobbit, and Sandy points out all of the crafty goodness inherent in the movie. There are spoilers in this first half of the show, so be forewarned!

Get Crafty

Sandy & Jade discuss what's on their upcoming project list, as well as their current projects

Fiber Optics

  1.  the Cosby Sweater - She's addicted to the sweater and is nearly half way done. She broke her scrap yarn pledge, and picked up several skeins of yarn for this project.
  2. Java socks - her lunch knitting at work 
  3. Planning: The lace cardigan from Knitty, Que Sera, and has ordered Cascade Venezia in worsted for the project 
  1.  Raglan Hoodie - She finished her handknit, handspun sweater a few days before Christmas, and it's been another go-to sweater for her. 
  2. Vanilla socks - She finished the pair of vanilla socks for her friend's mom (in trade for a quilt), but she's looking for other knitted wear to make in order to make the trade more "even".
  3. Striped handwarmers - Jade's first full fledged project for 2013. These handwarmers are made out of Frog Tree Pediboo, a sportweight merino/bamboo yarn. 
  4. Skull & Crossbones Argyle Vest - She just cast on for this project, after finding a skull chart on Ravelry & modifiying it.

Make it Sew!

Sandy took a big chunk out of her mending pile during vacation, and it felt good --- Inverness cloak, delicate summer haori, handsewing yukata, and more!

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  1. Dwarf Knitting info!
    The knit designer for this movie was Beverly Francis. More, please, Ms Francis!

  2. I loved the Hobbit film. Sure there was little things that I wasn't happy about but all in all it was good version of the book. I was expecting rather darker film but I liked that they were able to keep the whimsy of the book and make it work (for the most part). Hobbit was written to children after all.

    I had the same "problem" with dwarves, I was like okay sure dwarf can be handsome and all but Thorin was like OI! But then you can't really make Richard Armitage fugly. :P

    I used to be much more intolerant towards edits but the more I have learned about of Tolkien and history of how middle-earth evolved the more tolerant I have become. Luckily, because otherwise I'd just get headache. :P

    Ta for good episode :)

    1. Glad you liked it! We were really hoping for Espana's take on the Hobbit, but I think we did good :-)