Thursday, October 18, 2012

Episode 27: Different Tastes

In this episode, Jade & España discover that they have different tastes in t.v. shows, then the girls talk about the favorite things. In the second half of the show, the girls talk about fiber arts, costuming out of your closet, as well as upcoming holidays and crafting. AND, we're sponsoring a contest for the holidays! Come, get your geek on, and win!

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Get Geeky



  • SFinSF: Re-Animator (San Francisco)

  • Borderlands: An Evening with Patrick Rothfuss: A Reading, Q&A and Signing, Monday, November 19th at 7:00 pm (San Francisco)
  • Dicken’s Fair - Starts Nov 23rd (San Francisco) 
  • Sort of event; Varnish Gallery’s Ransom & Mitchell exhibit runs through Oct 27 (San Francisco)



We’re looking for submissions for the next quarter, and the deadline is October 31, 2012. So, if you would like to write an article about anything geeky and/or crafty, drop us a line at GGCPodcast AT



  • What: If you’re a geek who doesn’t craft, but wants to learn, or wants to give this to someone so they CAN learn. Submit a short article -- about 300 words or more (3 paragraphs ) -- of why you want to learn how to knit or why you think this would be an awesome gift for your friend. 
  • Why: The prize --- Knits for Nerds by Joan of Dark, aka Toni Carr. 
  • How: The most compelling short essay (as decided by the 3 of us) wins the book! Submit the article to GGCPODCAST AT 
  • When:By American Thanksgiving Holiday Nov 22nd.


The Couch Potato

What have we been watching?

  • BBC’s Primeval -- time rifts are opening across the world letting in dinosaurs and other ancient creatures of the past. A secret government agency is built to contain these rifts, but as the series progresses, the rifts start opening up into the future or potential alternative pasts. There is the lingering question as to whether the govt. agency is changing the past, present, and future with their attempts at containing the rifts
  • DOCTOR WHO! ‘nuff said
  • BBC’s Sherlock
  • Downton Abbey 
  • True Blood 
  • The Thick of it.
  • Continuum:
  • Doctor Who. 
  • And Sandy recently watched ALL the Angel. All of it.

Moment of Squeeeeee!
This segment is a cross between the Daily Show’s Moment of Zen & SFSquee cast, and lets the girls squee for TWO minutes about anything and everything.

  • JADE: World of Warcraft’s new expansion, MIST OF PANDARIA. Sleep? Who needs sleep?! 
  • SANDY: Gaming as Women. An online magazine with reviews, articles, feminist thought, a reflective approach to roleplaying games and why we participate. 
  • España: Installation Art,

Get Crafty

Fiber Diet

  • Jade: Knitting
  • Sandy: Knitting
    • FOs:
      • the Ribby Cardi
      • the Wool Peddler shawl in alpaca. It’s huge and gorgeous and currently VERY useful
      • Two vanilla socks in worsted weight done for husband’s chronic case of cold feet
      • finished mending a scarf for a friend
    • In progress:
      • A sixpence cap for her Brother-in-Law for the holidays
      • Rounding up all of my Area 51s was AWESOME.
  • Jade: Spinning

    • She's currently in the 2nd trimester of SpinU, and LEARNING a lot. She's been posting about her spinning in her blog:

The Costumer’s Closet

The Girls talk about costuming out of the closet & thrift store:

  • Sandy: Went to the costume sale at SJSU theatre
  • España: Was part of a similar panel at WorldCon in Chicago and talks about that panel.

Holiday Crafting

It’s October, and it’s the start of the HOLIDAY SEASON! Do you know where your crafts are? Many knitters, crafters, and DIYers are going to be gearing up to do their holiday crafting.

Jade’s advice:
  • Making personalized gifts can be time consuming for you. If you’re going to be making that “special” gift for someone, then make sure that they will be appreciative of your work.
  • Batch gifting -- baked goods or infused alcoholic drinks or infused oils are “easy” to make, and can be done in batches.
  • Vanilla extract is another thing you can make easily. Pods can easily be soaked in vodka and the brew tastes a lot better than store-bought.
  • Do yourself and everyone a favor. Study your recipient as closely as you can. Their habits, their likes, their dislikes, and what they gravitate towards in their hobbies and activities will make the difference between a gift they’ll use and love and the next item in the thrift store pile.

  • Deadlines make her stress out.
  • Make gifts as you think about them, and not at the last minute.
  • She's also been creating loom beaded sugar skull necklaces;

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