Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Episode 12: Sandy's Back

In this episode, Sandy's well enough to join us for another episode. So, we blathered on for a little bit longer than our usual episodes.

Come & give a listen!

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Part 1: Geek Conversations

Espana is working the SF Examiner as a writer.

She currently reviews the Custom Made Theatre’s production of Cory Doctorow’s Little Brother. http://www.custommade.org/

  • Jade just finished One Con Glory that Espana reviewed. It’s a really quick read and she REALLY enjoyed it.
  • Sandy: Reading the following:
    • Mistborn trilogy by Brandon Sanderson. 
    • The Well of Ascension, 
    • The Hero of Ages. 
    • Readers who are fans of Scott Lynch’s The Lies of Locke Lamora might also like the first book of this series, that has a very caper-like plot to take down the bad guy.
    • Catherynne M. Valente’s Deathless. Slavic folklore combined with Soviet revolution. Far better than Palimpsest, for which she was Hugo nominated in 2010.
  • Espana
    • Ken Liu
    • Reading a lot of short stories to see about nominations for Hugos.

TV Shows

  • Sandy: Anime: Full Metal Alchemist, available on Hulu in its entirety, both tv seasons and the movie
  • Espana: Fringe, Supernatural, Sherlock, and Community; ‘Remedial Chaos Theory’, UFO
  • Jade: Finished re-waching ST: Voyager, Doctor Who Christmas Special, and now re-watching some of Angel.

Part 2: Geek Crafting

  • Jade:
    • Finished a tam out of some left over yarn -- using a combination of Elizabeth Zimmerman (tam o’shanter hat) and the Koolhas cables by Jared Flood
    • Still working on Amused from Knitty 2008 (using a cashmere / merino blend)
  • Sandy: 
    • Halfway done on the Hobbes amigurumi: really quick and easy, cute as can be
    • drafted up a plain sock for jer husband, using math and Felici in Time traveler, size 1 (2.25 mm needles) 11 inch feet, 10.75 ankles, holy moly!
Spinning & Weaving

  • Jade: 
    • Finally finished spinning enough yarn for sleeves on my “Everyone Knows” sweater. It’s washed, fulled, and thwacked
    • weaving-wise:
      • black & acid green houndstooth scarf
      • blue, black, and light blue trial plaid piece of fabric that was sewn into a bag for the rigid heddles
      • Working on a Hawaiian plaid tartan scarf/sash that I can wear to the highland games.

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  1. Love Espana's comment on the old tv series "UFO":

    A show for when you want to see drinking and smoking on the moon!

    Great old show with some fun costumes and cheesy (from our vantage point) special effects.